Dixie - The whistling Kite Click on thumbnail to see larger.

Eventually we released her a long way from the fish co-op but in habitat where she could fend for herself. Hopefully she found a mate and learned to live like a proper Whistling Kite.

My job was to disabuse her of the notion that people are nice but at first it was very hard. As soon as she saw me come out in the morning she was calling to me for food. As soon as she was given the food, she turned aggressive.  I had to hide the fact that i was a food bringer (sneaking in at night under a blanket and leaving the food) and dduring the day i had to scare her and act mean (hard for me but it had to be done).

Dixie the Whistling Kite

This bird was such a character. She came into care because she had been humanized, to her disadvantage. She was quite young and managed to talk the fellows at a fish co-op into feeding her. She had oodles of personality so I am sure this was not hard. Unfortunately she became dependent on the handouts instead of fending for herself. She became aggressive if not fed and in addition she kept walking out in front of traffic, so she came into care.She was such a talker! She had so many different calls and whistles.