Aries The Peregrine Falcon Click on thumbnail to see larger
    Aries was hit by a car and suffered a broken wing. A young fella named Tommy was riding home from school on his push bike and saw the bird sitting on a fallen tree by the side of the road. When he didn’t fly away, Tommy knew something was wrong. He rode home, grabbed a towel and went back for Aries. Aries tried to run away but peregrines are slow on the ground. Tommy took him home and stuck him in the bathtub. He called out to his grandmother, “hey, Nan, guess what I’ve got!”
    Nan walked in to find a peregrine falcon glaring at her from the bathtub. She called WIRES and my friend Sandy picked him up. I met her at the vet where an xray showed that the break was not serious. All he needed was R and R. Sandy kept him in a hospital box till the wing healed and then he came to my big flight aviary to get his strength back.
The day he was released, Tommy and Sandy came over for the big moment. They stood in silence while I brought Aries out of a box and put him on my arm. Slowly, I removed the towel from his face. It took a minute for Aries to realize he was free. He sat there glaring at me with those fierce falcon eyes. When it dawned on him that he could go, he took off on his long strong falcon wings  and flew away as fast as he could, which was really fast!